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A Ghost in the Attic. Worth the Wait! (?)

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

When I wrote A Ghost in the Attic, I was in my 20s and still in college. It was one of several works that I had started and not finished over the course of a few years. I've always been good at starting things. The problem is my brain focuses on a million things at once, and I get distracted. I was the same way in high school where I found myself an average student. Here's a secret that juxtapositions itself nicely against me being an author. I'm not sure how accurate my records are, but I recall failing English at least one quarter in my high school career and at least one semester in college. While at Anderson University, my freshman English professor told me that it's probably a good idea to not pursue anything having to do with words. Ironically, I became a teacher, and for all of my career, I've taught Language Arts. Funny how life works. It took me a few years out of high school to mature, and once I did, most things fell into place. So, here I sit 22 years into my educational career, and I've finally finished A Ghost in the Attic. This book represents so much of my life, so many experiences. I'm proud of how this book turned out. It's simple in its story telling, yet complex in the amount of emotions it embodies.

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