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About Solomon

Solomon has been an educator for the last 24 years at the elementary and middle school levels.  Growing up in New York, Solomon was constantly surrounded by family and friends.  It was then he developed an affinity with suspenseful and scary movies.   When he first got his hands on Stephen King's The Dark Half and Dean Koontz The Bad Place, he knew that he wanted to someday write books of horror and suspense except instead of writing for adults, he would focus on kids and young adults.

A Ghost in the Attic (2019) sat on his computer for nearly 20 years before Solomon got the nerve to revisit Samson O'Keefe's world.  A Ghost in the Attic deals with very real situations such as being the new kid, the loss of a loved one, and dealing with bullies.  More importantly, it is a story about unexpected endearing friendships.  And, yes, there's that ghost in the attic to deal with.

If A Ghost in the Attic is the book that Solomon always wanted to get published, then award winning Feasters: An Apocalyptic Tale (2020) is the story he's always wanted to write.  It's much more than a story about zombies, vampires, and the apocalypse.  Feasters is a story about social acceptance and the importance of family and the bonds that tie us together as people.

Solomon resides in Southern California with his wife and three children. 
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