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Despite his enormous size, twelve-year-old Cullen endured constant bullying for much of his life.


When a school trip to Wilderness Camp lands  him in Saint Mary's Psychiatric Hospital, he finds himself trapped inside his mindroom where the walls are alive and torment him with memories from his painful past. It's only with the help of a controversial therapy delivered through Jakob, a virtual reality headset, that he is able to return to his mother.


Cullen's attempt at a new life is upended when a video from Wilderness Camp emerges, setting off a chain of unsettling events that Cullen may never recover from.


Does he have the strength to stand up to his past? Or, will he be forced to resort to more drastic measures that may cost him his life?

Here's What Readers are Saying:

"Such a powerful story with a powerful message."

"What (Petchers) does with Cullen is bring the visceral nature of humans to the forefront of today's commentary on adolescent bullying."

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Available November 15, 2022

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A Promise

A Death in the Family

A Secret Organization of Vampires


After narrowly escaping death, teenage Vampires, Kieran, Emily, and Andrew find a new start at the very place that tried to destroy them...Sebastian Labs.


Now, a new threat emerges - The Circle - which has its eyes set on eliminating humans and advancing Vampires at any cost. Kieran will be forced to choose between his family and a promise. Will a message from his past unite the ones he loves?


One thing is for sure, the Feasters aren't the only enemy.


The much anticipated sequel to the award-winning novel Feasters: An Apocalyptic Tale.


Here's What Readers are Saying:


"My heart was pulled from my chest!"

"Feasters: The Circle has even more action and suspense, interesting new characters, and some excellent plot twists."

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"At the heart of any novel is the story, and what Solomon does with Feasters is deliver a satisfying tale that proves that it’s possible to blend the zombie and vampire genre seamlessly into a believable, engaging premise. Although he reveals horrific scenes of a world gone mad, he also finds a way to let the innocence of his characters shine from cover to cover.

"Solomon proves, page after page, that he knows his audience well. There’s a simplicity to Solomon’s writing that will appeal to the young in all of us who seek adventure. But what fascinated me most is his ability to weave mature situations into the narrative. His imaginative writing tests his characters but also gives more sophisticated readers a powerful connection to their youth. Solomon has tapped into what it means to be a family, even under the most challenging situations. And in the bleak world of his creation, his optimistic tone—maintained throughout—is one of the most impressive feats that I have seen in a long time. " Read Full Review

- Jerry Roth

  Author, Bottom Feeders

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A Ghost in the Attic ghoststories for Young Adults

"A Ghost in the Attic is a fun story filled with great characters and snappy dialogue. Petchers delivers a heartfelt tale that celebrates friendship and adventure."


- Raquel Byrnes,

Author of the Tremblers

"This story has the quirkiness of an R.L. Stine Goosebumps novel, but a heartfelt storyline and endearing friendship like a Stephen King novel. While the characters were cliche, they were cliche in the best way. The characters were so well written that I could see them and hear them as clearly as I would watching a movie.  This story is about loss, new beginnings, and the incredible healing powers of friendship. And yes, it's about a ghost in the attic."  Read Full Review

- M.L. Crane,

Author of Through the Shattered Looking Glass

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Feasters Book Trailer

A Ghost in the Attic

Book Trailer

Feasters Shout Out From Sonny Sandoval of POD

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