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I could not put this down.  Having read many vampire centered books before, I was pleasantly surprised to read Petchers' take on them and how they fit (and didn't fit) into society.  He not only kept me rooting for the vampires in their struggle to survive, but he also made me appreciate the value of family and caused me to think about what I'd do to save the ones I love.  This Dystopian/Sci-Fi story will have you saying "just one more chapter" up until you've turned the final page.


- Angelica Jones, Beta Reader

A creative story filled with creative concepts.  In the midst of a very grim and challenging world, I fell in love with a complex group of teenagers - rooting for each one of their victories and tensing at the first sight of danger.  I felt thoroughly engaged, entertained, and excited to see how their story would unfold.

- Carissa Hoffman, Beta Reader

Feasters is a fun, fast-paced adventure where three kids are faced with a world recently infested with these new creatures called Feasters.  An excellent book with relatable characters who not only have to face immediate dangers, but also face the normal problems of adolescents trying to find their place in the world.

- Scott Eger, Beta Reader

Wow! I've never read a book about vampires AND zombies where kids are the heroes!  Feasters is an exciting and heartwarming tale about fear, hope, love, and the special connections between friends and family.  Petchers wove important social issues into his story, many of which are relevant today. I can't wait for the sequel!

- Lynn Torres, Beta Reader

Shout out from Sonny Sandoval from POD courtesy of Cameo.

Feasters Shout Out From Sonny Sandoval of POD

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